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The unique platform that encourage body-building & healthy living style.


We Pay For Your Gains

We launched Gymcoin (GYM) with the intention to encourage healthy lifestyles & habits. Gymcoin will allow gym-goers to earn by their healthy habits in a Decentralised way.

Weights at Gym
Plank Exercise

Earn Gymcoin


Reward = 1 Gymcoin.

Check balance.

                or                 with Gymcoin.

Name: Gymcoin (GYM)

Stable Liquidity & Verified Contract

Contract: Coming Soon!


Beta Testing

Launch the coin

Phase 1

Launch the app

Phase 2

List on more exchanges

More usage of coins

Phase 3

More partnerships

Distribution of coins

Phase 4

And more are coming


What is the use of Gymcoin?
Ans: Gymcoin is used in this platform where our users will check in every day for exercising and get paid by us in Gymcoin. The whole system will be decentralized.

How can I buy Gymcoin?
You can buy Gymcoin after the beta testing stage.

Why should I do this now?
We reward more coins each day for our beta users. The reward will decrease after we launch the coin.

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